Theatre Bubble

I created Theatre Bubble in 2009. The site was relaunched on Wordpress in 2012 with a complete redesign. The website functions as a theatre review, news and opinion hub. The site generates an RSS driven weekly and daily newsletter with around 2,000 subscribers as well as a Facebook group of close to 4,000 members. The magazine is now run by a team of 4 editors, and over 30 regular contributors. Over the years I’ve contributed many articles to the site – notably concentrating on issues around funding, inequality and opportunity for the arts.

Wedding Invites

A private commission to create wedding stationary based on Mackintosh style roses. The rose design was created using colours provided on swatches of the material used in the brides dress.

The Burrowers, Dragon Fly TV / BBC

I was asked to provide an impression of a ‘magical doorway in the countryside’ to illustrate the pitch document for Dragon Fly Televisions suggested program ‘The Burrowers’. The pitch was a success and the BBC commissioned the project, and obviously liked my illustrations so much they used one of them as the basis of the final set design, even down to the gauze bush.